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Welcome to the Unifyverse Network. Resources for Harmony.

We are on a mission to help our world find harmonious balance. It is our belief that through empowering organizations who place priority on morals and compassion over profits, we can help create a more unified future. Check out some of the links and thank you for being part of the cure!

Online Health Store

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As humans we don’t always do things in the right order. Although our name is PureEVIE, Evie came first. This is her story.


Evie was two years old when she was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma, a rare form of childhood liver cancer. Chemo, a triple organ transplant, and multiple brain tumors followed, along with a terminal diagnosis. While CBD did not save her life, it did give back to her what the disease had taken - her innate zest for life. It made her a child again. We like to say that it helped return to her the purity of youth. Hence our name, PureEVIE.


Founded to honor a little girl whose spirit still drives our mission each day, PureEVIE prescribes better by offering
CBD solutions for those experiencing chronic, acute, or temporary pain. Our tonics and topicals allow you to naturally relieve physical, physiological, and emotional pain and anxiety on your terms.

Visit to learn more.

Farming and Agriculture

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Education and Outreach

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Science Magnified’s mission is to form partnerships and utilize STEM based programs, designed to empower and motivate our diverse youth!


We strive to create fun, educational and relevant experiences increasing:

  • scientific literacy,

  • understanding of our interconnected world, 

  • developing skills to succeed in and out of school…

  • and create a lifelong thirst for knowledge and harmony!

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Business and Organizational Resources

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Founded in 2003, Office Evolution supports sole proprietors and small businesses with simplified, affordable solutions.

-Fully furnished private offices,

-conference rooms,

-business addresses,

-phone answering plans,

-and an amazing supportive environment. 

Office Evolution Publicly Displays their mission, which syncs beautifully with the other Unifyverse Members: Ohana 

Ohana is a Hawaiian word that is used to describe a group of people fighting for the same purpose. Restated in a different way, we could say, "We're all in this together." 

Office Evolution is an Ohana of entrepreneurs, bound together, focusing on success. We root for and support each other, often leading to growth. Even as they outgrow our walls, eventually needing their own space, Ohana never goes away. 

If you are in this area and would like to find out more about Office Evolution, check out the Cary and Raleigh locations. These are the two we’ve worked with and can vouch for though I’m sure other locations are phenomenal as well!

New online Hemp Market


Tinctures and Topicals...

delivered right to your door. 

No prescription required.