Our Story

A little about us: 
Hi, I’m Jimmy, Founder of Unifyverse, a single cell on this planet, looking to empower and harmonize other healthy efforts!

Unifyverse is simply the manifestation of an idea: Unify the Universe with loving intentions and purposeful actions. 

We are on a mission to help our world find harmonious balance. It is our belief that through empowering organizations who place priority on morals and compassion over profits, we can help create a more unified future.

Our goal is to empower, educate and connect individuals and organizations with resources to help balance their lives so they may best follow their own calling and do their own version of divine work. 

Let's build that team, let's combine out lights, let's be the change:

Unify + Universe = Unifyverse

We are all part of the epic - what is your song, what is your verse? 

Let’s get it! Spread the light!




T: 919-744-0132    

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